Ballad Of Kastriot Rexhepi

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From the beginning of the sixties, Mary Kellys works have dealth with the muddle of the language and its cultural and psychological impact. Her narrative installations question the traditional explanations of the daily life. The project The ballad of Kastriot Rexhepi comes up in 1999 after reading a piece of news published in a daily in Los Angeles, a report relating the story of Kastriot, an Albanian boy whose mother left for dead during the war in Kosovo, being rescued alive by the Serbians afterwards to meet his parents later on in good health. Based on these facts, Mary Kelly made this ballad that alludes to the individual trauma consequence of the war, by means of the installation of a freize formed by panels made of compressed lint. The artist investigates the traumatic effect of the war, how it is shown by the media and its psychological influence in life.This publication not only reflects on this installation but also gathers a selection of important texts by the artist herself about her whole work.


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