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Dear readers of all ages : To be honest with you, to the date, my wanted to be humble and good hearted person aswell as my family, had known that only 3 persons had obtain my book throught Authorhouse,Barnes and nobles,Borders, aswell others libraries.I am Gleyder A Dominquez (Dominguez) , who lives with his beloved family in Portsmouth, Virginia. To know more about me and my family aswell Dominican Republic and the united States,please call me to telephone 1-787-628-1970 or 1-939-247-2536 or 1-845-538-7688 or 1-787-967-0407. My address is 3810 Fruitwood Court, Portsmouth , Virginia, 23703, And my adresse in the Dominican Republic is Apt 101,Edf 11, Manzana 100,Ciudad Satelite Duarte ,Santo Domingo ,Republica Dominicana. I olso live in the 3218 Barlborouh way, Virginia Beach,VA 23453, All of you be in love and peace and buy my book!!!!!!


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