Disciplina Con Amor Para Abuelos: Una Segunda Oportunidad Para Amar

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Resumen del Libro

In a time of great changes in the family dynamic, this book is dedicated to grandparents, whose tendency is to spoil–a word that can have different connotations. When used as an expression of love and unconditional acceptance, it nourishes and strengthens a grandchilds emotional well-being. Spending time with grandparents becomes a treat rather than a chore. But when the spoiling begins to get out of hand, a lack of self-control, no limits when it comes to disrespect, or acting against the wishes of the parents–this type of spoiling is harmful. Grandparents who spoil in this manner contribute to the development of demanding, fussy, rude grandchildren. In a society in which mothers more and more commonly work and grandparents play an increasingly important role in child care, being a grandparent offers a second chance to love in a mature, generous, yet responsible manner.


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