Encyclopédie Universelle Des Artistes

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The Bio-bibliographical Index by Profession is a unique index of visual artists from all over the world and throughout all ages. It provides the user with access to the Allgemeines Ku nstlerlexikon (AKL), which, on completion, will contain more than 500,000 biographies on artists and provide an overview of artistic activity. Several hundred artistic professions are included here, from architects to etchers, from sculptors to body-arts. The basis for the biographical entries are over 200 major international encyclopedia of artists with a total of some 500 volumes, whose data, including source references, are indexed by the Bio-bibliographical Index by Profession in a clearly structured manner, providing the user with an overview and easy access. The data has been supplemented with material from the published volumes of AKL, Thieme-Becker and Vollmer, and with additional details researched by the editorial staff. The index thus represents a biographical reference work in its own right. The index is structured by artistic professional groups (in English), within professional groups by country and within countries, in chronological order. The Bio-bibliographical Index by Profession thus also provides a chronological overview of the history of artists and the development of various art forms in individual countries. Providing up-to-date information, the short entries comprise the artists name (including name variants and pseudonyms), fields of artistic activity, biographical dates, places of birth and death (if not known: place and date first and/or last mentioned), country classification and at least one bibliographicalsource reference. For each professional title listed in English, the five-language Glossary of Occupations provides German, French, Italian and Spanish equivalents. User information, the Overview of Professions and their Classification and the Alphabetical List of Countries are also provided in five languages, making this work a genuine treasure…


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