English And Spanish In Contrast

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Resumen del Libro

The objective of the monograph is to contrast the different levels of the two languages involve, English and Spanish, in order to highlight the main divergences found between the two linguistic systems, besides, it also tackles some cultural and pragmatic differences. English and Spanish in Contrast is aimed at adult learners of English or Spanish with some previous knowledge of both languages, but also to teachers an non-native speakers who want to increase their proficiency in any of the two languages. The book is divided into a theoretical section, where selected issues of the Spanish and English linguistic systems are explained and contrasted, and a practical section, which includes exercises to accompany the explanations and concentrates on practising upon those aspects that are a particular problem to non-native speakers and usually, the source of the most frequent mistakes. Finally a key to the exercises is provided. Therefore, it may be uses as a self-study tool as well.


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