La Gran Aldea

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Resumen del Libro

First published in 1884 La gran aldea is the authors attept at exposing and synthesizing the transformation process undertaken by Buenos Aires and its inhabitants during the thirty years that followed Rosas overthrow. The novel was feverishly written as a serialized column, and from the same desk where he prepared his political articles, a situation that explains some style faults typical of haste writing. Lucio Vicente Lpez, grandson of de Vicente Lpez y Planes and son of Vicente Fidel Lpez received, along a classical education, a political upbringing that allowed him to characterize the argentine society as beotian, in the intuition that the pampas feracity and easy richess would most probably determine political imperfections -as happened in Beotia- rather than a new Athens, as the economic push of the young country seemed to announce. Member of the 80s generation, columnist of El Nacional, the newspaper directed by Domingo F. Sarmiento, and afterwards avid supporter of Juarez Celman, who was the paradigm of the optimism at those times, Lucio Vicente Lpezs mental clarity gave him the necessary balance to understand the need of a regenerative civilian movement, that at the time seemed to be incarnated by the Unin Cvica of Leandro Alem. La gran aldea is a clue novel (roman a clef). In it some of the players of the argentine politics are easily discovered under loose disguises: Don Buenaventura is Bartolom Mitre, Bonifacio de las Vueltas, Bernardo de Irigoyen, don Benito, Juan Carlos Gmez (the Uruguayan publicist of old liberal affiliation that polemized with Mitre on the Paraguay war issue), etc. The plot is romantic, and the intention edifying, following the trend at that time. Evil, be it paired up with revolting ugliness or seductive beauty is always punished at the end. This novels value is set in the fresco drawn about the local customs, highlighting certain traits of the argentine society still aparent to the observant eye.


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