Las Fuerzas Armadas Y Sendero Luminoso

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Resumen del Libro

A good overview of the Peruvian militarys strategic approaches to the conflict with Sendero Luminoso from the early 1980s until immediately after the capture of the movements leader in 1992. Cites General Clemente Noels highly unsuccessful campaign in Ayacucho in the mid-1980s as an example of the armys early and unrealistic attempt to adopt a modification of the failed strategic hamlet approach used by the US in Vietnam. Only after nearly a decade did the armed forces adopt a somewhat standardized counter-subversive campaign. A close examination of government documents allows the author to competantly discuss the critical role of the intelligence service in defeating Sendero Luminoso. Lacks thorough consideration of the role of the rural-based Rondas Campesinas –Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.


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