Masterpieces Of The J. Paul Getty Museum: Paintings

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The J. Paul Getty Museums paintings collection ranges from the fourteenth to the end of the nineteenth century. Among the finest examples of early Renaissance painting are the Madonna and Child by the Master of Saint Cecilia, Masaccios Saint Andrew, and Gentile da Fabrianos richly painted Coronation of the Virgin. Typical of the High Renaissance are Andrea Mantegnas splendid Adoration of the Magi and Fra Bartolommeos Rest on the Flight into Egypt. The art of the Netherlands in its Golden Age is represented by Jan Brueghels much-loved painting The Entry of the Animals into Noahs Ark and by The Return from War, which he painted with Peter Paul Rubens, as well as a newly acquired and magnificent landscape by Hobbema, Rembrandts Abduction of Europa, and Jan Steens Drawing Lesson. Painting in France ranges from recently acquisitioned works by Poussin, Fragonard, and Lancret, through the Impressionism of Monets seminal Sunrise and his Rouen Cathedral, while the modern age is exemplified by the Irises of Vincent van Gogh. Fernand Khnopffs Jeanne Kéfer, and Cézannes Still Life with Apples.


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