Mushroom Tales Vol. 2 Bilingual (english + Spanish)

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Resumen del Libro

The goal of Mushroom Tales is to stand out as a tool for parents to engage their young readers in important and sometimes sensitive subjects. We hope that our books will capture the attention of many young Mushroom Readers, with our comical Mushroom characters and with fun to say, easy to read, rhyming verse. Each Mushroom Tale presents a single motivational and character building message, intended to be a conversation starter for parents and mentors of young children. Our books include free, downloadable Coloring Pages and Vocabulary Mixer Puzzles that will help to add new, positive words to their daily conversation. Our Mushroom Parents are invited to offer suggestions for future Tales, where a particularly important subject could be more easily addressed with the help of a few friendly Mushroom Characters. Future Audio Books will delight our readers, when they meet and hear characters like Maximus Mushroom. https: // Our ultimate goal is to simply instill the Three Ls of Mushroom Tales: To LOVE, To LAUGH & To LEARN! For information about other Mushroom Tales, please visit us at: Web Site: https: // YouTube Trailer: http: // Author Page: https: // FaceBook Author Page: https: // LinkedIn: http: // Twitter: https: //


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