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This handbook, like its French and German sister volumes, is intended to fill a significant gap in the range of dictionaries available today. It is an up-to-date guide to current Spanish vocabulary as it is found in the contemporary press and media. The examples in this book are drawn not just from newspapers but also from a range of journals, periodicals, magazines, information brochures and television. Several semi-specialized areas relating to the legal sphere, banking and finance, administration, commerce and politics (including the politics of the autonomous regions of Spain) have been included, as well as colloquial and slang terms that have become widely used in the media. Also included are idioms, new words and words which change their meaning in a new context. Short examples are given for each word or phrase in a meaningful context with English translations of head-words. A list of common abbreviations and acronyms is also supplied. This vocabulary will be a useful tool and reference manual for students, journalists, business people and general readers who need to use and understand contemporary Spanish.


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