Pedro Infante, El ídolo Inmortal

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Resumen del Libro

Pedro Infante is a precise recollection of one of the most important figures in traditional Mexican music, becoming an authentic cult idol that, like all myths, was obtaining fame and fortune, through real life elements, including his humble origins and the ups and downs of his rise, resulted in his being identified with the masses. Personification of a country success, in a time when to triumph in the big city was a happy adventure, but at the same time, could consume you. They talk here about the memory of the images, reunited with the popular traditions, preserves the scattered memories of this unique personality. A journey through some of the best nostalgic memories in the middle of the 20th century, that still does not have an expiration because Pedro Infante is still the required reference of the gallant and dependable Pepe the Bull, who, in the event of love, many wanted to be and the perfect couple who not a few ladies were were able to find.


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