Teoría Y Práctica De La Adaptación Fílmica

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Resumen del Libro

Theory and Practice of Film Adaptation focuses on practical examples of Spanish cinema. The common denominator of the 15 essays in this volume is the approach to adaptation and multiplication. The essays are arranged chronologically (from adapting classics of the Golden Age to the transposition of the current screen works) and thematically (memory, politics, gender …). The book is not limited to the analysis of the film adaptation of literary works, but also covers the study of the celluloid version or other digital media texts, such as comics and video games. Beyond fidelity as an essential criterion for assessing the artistic content, each essay analyzes the fundamental differences between the written word and the visual image, and reflects on the ideological implications of such adaptations. The essays were written by faculty from different American and Spanish universities.–Publisher description.


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