Ylenia Carrisi

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Ylenia Carrisi (born 1970-11-29) was a poet, painter, world traveller, and Italian TV celebrity. She was the letter-turner on La Ruota Della Fortuna, the Italian version of Wheel of Fortune. While studying literature in Londons King College (receiving the highest marks in her year), she began to entertain the idea of traveling the world solo with nothing but a backpack and her journal. She decided to take a break from studying and returned to Italy where she sold all her belongings in order to pay for the voyage. She began in South America. After having spent a few months in Belize, she decided to leave the day after Christmas, 1993, by bus to New Orleans. Her brother Yari, also an experienced traveler, had incidentally decided to surprise his sister by visiting her that Christmas. He arrived on a rainy 27 December in the village of Hopkins, going door to door in search for her, only to find that the day before she had hopped on a bus heading to Mexico. Unfortunately he arrived 24 hours too late, for she was already heading to New Orleans, where she disappeared on January 6, 1994.


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