30 St Mary Axe

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Written by architecture critic Kenneth Powell, 30 St Mary Axe: A Tower for London tells the story of the genesis, design development, construction and public reception of one of the worlds most intelligently conceived and imaginatively designed buildings. Each stage of the design process is described in detail, from the first sketches and models to the creation of the spiralling atria, which allow for natural ventilation, and the unique steel diagrid, which provides column-free internal spaces. This is followed by a photographic essay illustrating the key phases on site, from the day construction started to the moment the lens was lifted into place. The book concludes by drawing together the critical response to 30 St Mary Axe, its prolific use in graphics, advertising and films as an emblem of London, and its role as a catalyst for other tall buildings in the city. Norman Foster has described 30 St Mary Axe as a tremendous act of faith and confidence in the future . This book reveals the powerful statement it makes about the future of both the workplace and the modern city. –BOOK JACKET.


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