Quito Heritage

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Resumen del Libro

Quito Heritage.-The most exciting and poetic journey through UNESCOs first World Cultural Heritage site. The pre-Columbian, ancient Quito and its domains: the colonial Quito that begins with Sebastian de Benalcázar, the Republican Quito, cradle of independence in the Americas, the metropolitan Quito, vibrant, cosmopolitan and modern. All these different forms of Quito are included of this book, opening to us generously, showing us the paths to the most beautiful altars i Latin America, covered in gold and Escuela Quiteña, showing us the unique identity of Ecuadors capital. The book presents wonderful photography by Sebastian Crespo and texts by Rolando Moya Tasquer and Evelia Peralta. Undoubtedly, it is the most comprehensive book on the history and architecture of Quito, and its urban and natural surroundings.


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